Customer Testimonials

My Mum’s bumper cracked when she backed into her rubbish bin. She wanted me to call someone to come fix it. I knew if I called the wrong person, I was going to be in for it. Thank goodness I called alloy wheel refurbishments Newport. Steve came out fast, gave me a price that was very affordable, and took care of the bumper crack right there and then. I Couldn’t be happier and Will definitely recommend alloy wheel refurbishments Newport.

Nicholas – Saab Bumper Crack Repair – Whitchurch – Cardiff

So impressed with Steve and the dent repair he did on my Volvo. This car is my pride and joy and now it looks brand new again. That dent in my rear door had been bothering me for weeks. Steve took care of it about minutes and it cost much less than what the dealer wanted to charge. Thanks!

Martin – Volvo Dent Repair – Taffs Well – Cardiff

I thought I was going to have to replace my leather seats. They were faded and horribly cracked, but a friend of mine told me to call Carmond at alloy wheel refurbishments Newport Services. I am so glad I took his advice because I would have been out a lot of money if I’d replaced those seats. Carmond worked his magic and my seats look good as new. I’m so impressed!

Stuart Hill– Leather Seat Repair – Birchgrove – Cardiff

Great job on repairing my dash, It’s impossible to tell where Carmond did the repair, which was more than I expected. He arrived right on time, was very professional, and I could not be more pleased.

Graham – Dashboard Repair – Butetown – Cardiff

When my friend burned my car seat with his cigarette, I thought that the burn mark was going to be there forever or I would have to replace the seat, my friend told me to ring alloy wheel refurbishments Newport. Steve fixed that burn hole and unless you know right where it was, it is almost invisible. Good fix and fast, too.

Rachel – Car Seat Burn Repair – Cathays – Cardiff

I have to commend Carmond for the refurb he did on my alloy wheel. I caught the curb with it a couple of days ago and it looked bad. I got an estimate to replace it and it was just too high. I found alloy wheel refurbishments Newport website and took a chance. Carmond came to my home, told me how much it would be to repair it, and how long it would take. Saved me a lot and it looks great.

Julian Parker – Subaru Alloy Wheel Repair – Saint Mellons – Cardiff

Got a dent in my door when a lady hit it with her car door Grrrrr. Steve got rid of the dent. I would recommend alloy wheel refurbishments Newport to anyone that needs a dent removed fast and cheap.

Harvey – Dent Removal – Cardiff

I am always surprised when a contractor does a better job than expected these days. Carmond with alloy wheel refurbishments Newport Services did just that. He was able to remove a dent in my bumper and there was no need to repaint the damaged area afterwards. Quite a skilled job.

Colin – Bumper Repair – Saint Fagens – Cardiff

Second time I have had to use Steve for a dent in my door, Same great quality service. Thanks, Steve. Will keep your numbers handy.

Christopher Phillips – Porsche Dent Removal – Swansea

Rotten weather during my repair. Steve still very professional and an excellent service on my Jag especially as the lease was up and it was going back the next day. The Dent in my boot is gone and no sign of repair work, I was delighted with the results. Will recommend to anyone and everyone.

Mr Thomas – Jaguar Dent Removal – Bridgend

I was one of the more skeptical customers. Steve said he could repair my alloy wheel and it would look good as new. I did not want to pay for a new wheel, so I thought, “why not?” Right choice without a doubt. The Wheel looks as good as new and the cost was less than half of a new one. Very pleased! Thanks.

Stephan – Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Newport

I just wanted to say thanks to Steve for taking care of my car. It had a really ugly crack in the bumper from where I tapped another car. I didn’t want my husband to find out and Steve came to my work and quickly had it fixed. It was so fast and inexpensive and certainly a lot less stress than telling my husband. Thank you.

Emma Davies – Bumper Crack Repair – Cardiff

Great job by alloy wheel refurbishments Newport on my Volvo’s leather seats, I did not want to replace them, but really was not sure what to do. A lad at work told me to ring up Steve. Was the best advice I got. Those ugly scuffs and fading on my seat are gone and it looks like new. Really well done and saved me a lot.

Clive Roberts – Leather seat Scuff Repair – Ely – Cardiff

Every once in a while I find a great service and wish I’d found it sooner. That is the way I feel about alloy wheel refurbishments Newport. I had the ugliest scratches in my alloy wheel. They were so deep that I thought replacing was my only answer. Carmond looked the wheel over, gave a great quote for repairing it, and took care of it right then and there. Really great service and they even come to you.

Thomas Hughes – Beetle Alloy Wheel Refubishment – Pen-Y-Lan – Cardiff

L V V was recommended by a co-worker for a dent and scrape in my car’s rear door. Steve showed up on time, did the repair, and charged exactly what he said he would. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Olivia – Dent Repair – Llanishen – Cardiff

How refreshing for alloy wheel refurbishments Newport Services to actually do what they say they will do! Carmond gave me a quote for repairing a crack in my bumper and said he would have it done in about an hour. It took less than that and I paid what he quoted. I could not see where the crack was at all. Great job!

Eric – Jaguar Bumper Crack Damage – Maindy – Cardiff

Called and got my dented door fixed the same afternoon. Steve does a great job and is professional. Thank you very much.

Gail Buckley – Focus Dent Repair – Lisvane – Cardiff

One of the things I love about my Range Rover is the leather seats. When I got a cut in one, I was really upset. Carmond at alloy wheel refurbishments Newport not only repaired that cut, but I cannot even see where it was. Great service, but the cost was also very competitive. Won’t hesitate to recommend alloy wheel refurbishments Newport Services.

Victor – Range Rover Leather Seat Repair – Swansea

Steve and Carmond made quick work of a scuff in the front bumper of my beloved Volvo. The scuff is gone, car looks great again. It sure didn’t cost as much as I expected it would, either. Thanks, Steve.

Helena Mills – Volvo Bumper Repair – Ely – Cardiff

alloy wheel refurbishments Newport did a really good job on my alloy wheel repair. Carmond removed a dent and some scratches that looked awful. The total cost was about half what a new wheel would have cost me. Thanks for the professional and prompt service.

Lee – Audi Alloy Wheel Repair – Bridgend