Customer Testimonials

The following customers have been kind enough to submit testimonials to Car Bumper Repairs Cardiff.

Getting repairs done on my car always seems like such a hassle. With Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services, it wasn’t. Carmond came out the same day I called. He told me what the total cost would be to repair my bumper and it took less than an hour for him to do it. So easy, Thanks!

Janet Haysom – Bumper Crack Repair – Swansea

Not really sure how the burn got in the passenger seat of my car, but Carmond at Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport took care of it. He did such a great job that it is impossible to see where it was. It cost me a lot less than it would have to replace the seat. Will certainly remember you if I need work done again.

Jude Briers – Ford Focus Seat Burn Repair – Newport

Called Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services to refurb two of my alloy wheels, Steve and Carmond did a great job and it cost a lot less than I thought it would. I will get the other two wheels done in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the great work.

Bradley – Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Ely – Cardiff

My brother told me to call Steve at Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport to have my leather seats repaired, Great advice. There were scuffs and cracks in my seats and they looked awful. Steve worked his magic and now those seats look great. Now I have to tell my brother he was right!

Ian Norris – Leather Seat Repair – Maindy – Cardiff

I backed into a tree and cracked the bumper of my car. I surfed around the web for a quote to get it fixed and the body shops were just too expensive. Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services was the first place to give a decent quote for the repair and they came to my home to do it. Steve was great – professional, courteous, and on time. I will definitely recommend him.

Roger Charles – Audi Bumper Crack Repair – Butetown – Cardiff

Steve and Carmond take care of all of our fleet vehicles when it comes to dents and other minor damage. It costs us much less to use Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport rather than a local body shop. They are always professional and the repair work is always top notch. Great job, guys.

William – Dent Repair – Cardiff Fleet Workshops

I was really worried about the damage to the door of my Jag. This car is my pride and joy. The quality of work by Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services was amazing. I also saved hundreds of pounds by using Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport instead of a dealer. There is no sign of the dent at all. I will recommend to anyone and everyone.

Judy Collard – Dent Repair – Bridgend

I was getting ready to sell my Mercedes and wanted to get a couple of scuffs on the bumper fixed. Carmond came out and gave a quote for the work, which was a lot less than I expected. He was able to make the bumper look like new and I am sure that it helped me get a lot more when I sold it.

Andrew – Mercedes Bumper Scuff Repair – Llanishen – Cardiff

My teenage son is not the best driver and backed into the rubbish bin. It caught both the back bumper and the back panel of the car leaving scuff marks. Carmond was able to fix both areas and it cost a lot less than what I would have paid elsewhere. Car looks great again.

Samuel – Bumper Crack Repair – Cathays – Cardiff

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job that Steve did on my alloy wheels. I am really pleased with how they look . Thank you.

Charles Baines – Alloy Wheel Repair – Pen-y-Lan – Cardiff

I was delighted with the level of workmanship and service from Carmond and would gladly recommend to others.

Julia Peters – Paintless Dent Repair – Newport

Someone reversed into my car and left a nasty crack in my bumper. I called Steve and Carmond at Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport. They arrived the same day and took care of it. It looks like new. Thanks.

Keith Reed – Bumper Crack Repair – Swansea

Carmond came to my home and repaired an alloy wheel that had been damaged in an accident with a high kerb. The cost was minimal compared to a new wheel and the results were really amazing. Thank you for doing such a good job.

Celia – Alloy Wheel Repair – Llanishen – Cardiff

I misjudged a corner when parking and got some damage to my Mercedes. I found Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services online and made an appointment for the next day. Steve arrived on time, gave me a decent quote, and did the repair in just a couple of hours. I Will certainly keep the phone number handy if I need their services again.

Vivian – Dent Repair – Bridgend

I was getting ready to return a leased vehicle and I knew that the scuffs on the bumper would end up costing me dearly if not fixed. Carmond from Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport was able to remove the scuffs and there was no sign of the damage at all. The leasing agent was pleased with the car when we returned it and there were no additional charges. Thanks for helping us get our deposit back!

Rob Gibson – Bumper Scuff Repair – Saint Fagans – Cardiff

I bought a used Audi and wanted to get a couple of dents in the bonnet repaired. Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services gave me the best quote and Steve took care of the dents quickly. Now my used car looks better than ever. Thanks!

Michael – Dent Removal – Cardiff

If I could give Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services six stars out of five, I would. I scraped a curb with my alloy wheel and I thought I would have to replace it. Steve’s work on the wheel was really terrific. It looks like new and there is no sign of the damage at all. I would recommend Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport to anyone who wants great service at a cost that is affordable.

Gemma – Alloy Wheel Repair – Pentyrch – Cardiff

Just a quick note to say thanks for taking such good care of my car, The workmanship was beyond my expectations. The big dent in my front wing is now a distant memory and it is obvious that Steve takes a great deal of pride in his work.

Jeff Sharp – Dent Repair – Bridgend

Thank you for fixing my parents’ car last weekend. If they knew I dented that bumper, they would have been really mad. I am not sure how you did it, but you can’t even tell it was there. Thanks!

Jennifer L. – Dent Repair – Cardiff

Please pass my thanks on to Carmond for a job well done on my Audi. I thought the bumper would have to be replaced, but he was able to repair the crack and I can’t tell where it was. I will recommend Alloy wheel refurbishment Newport Services and Carmond to others.

Patrick – Bumper Crack Repair – Newport